Do Greasy Foods Cause Acne?

Will eating pizza and other greasy foods trigger acne? If you already struggle with acne outbreaks, you might wonder if what you’re eating is to blame. Find out whether or not greasy foods could be leading to acne problems and what to do about it.

Are Greasy Foods Giving Me Acne?

You might be surprised to learn that greasy foods aren’t responsible for acne outbreaks. While you shouldn’t get more outbreaks if your diet includes greasy foods, working in a greasy area, like restaurant kitchens, can increase your risk of acne. This is due to the oils that are present. These oils can affect your skin by clogging your follicles, resulting in an acne outbreak.

Will Eating Pizza Give Me Acne?

Having a greasy pizza might make your acne symptoms worse, but it’s not due to the grease. Instead, you might end up with more severe acne from the crust, which contains carbs. 

What Foods Should I Avoid Eating for Acne?

Greasy foods might not be causing your acne, but there are some foods you should limit or avoid eating. These foods, which include starchy items such as potato chips and bread, have been associated with increased risks of acne or more severe acne symptoms. Other foods that can make acne worse include chocolate milk and skim milk. 

Does Sugar Lead to Acne?

Eating foods that contain sugar won’t cause you to have an acne outbreak, but sugary foods could make existing acne worse. Chocolate and foods that contain a lot of carbs might have higher amounts of sugar that can worsen your acne symptoms. 

Do Any Foods Cause Acne? 

No particular types of foods are considered a cause of acne outbreaks. However, some foods can make your acne more severe if they’re part of your regular diet. Acne is generally caused by oily skin, blocked follicles, hormonal changes or bacteria. 

What Are Good Foods to Eat to Reduce Acne?

You can lower your risk of acne by sticking to a healthy diet that is low in sugar, starchy foods, and carbs. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other nutritious foods, and avoid or limit unhealthy foods. 

How Quickly Can Acne Clear Up?

Whether you take over-the-counter medication or a prescription one for acne, keep in mind that these take time to work. You might need to wait a few weeks or longer for your acne to clear up. 

If you’re looking into treatment for acne, contact Short Hills Dermatology Consultants today to set up an appointment. 

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