5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Summer

Healthy, hydrated skin glows, looking fresh and dewy, the hallmark of looking younger. Summertime is when your skin is on display, so if your skin is dehydrated, your face and even your arms, legs, hands and other body parts may look dull, dry, lifeless, and flaky. When dehydration hits, your skin may also look saggy. Dehydration is not the look of young, fresh and healthy skin. Water is so important to your overall health, and when it comes to your skin, good hydration really stands out.

You’d be surprised how much of a difference hydrating your skin can make right away, especially in the hot and humid summertime weather, so follow these easy skincare tips to look your best. And if you’ve enhanced your look with Botox, other dermal fillers that inject moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid into your face, a chemical peel or other skin-smoothing and –brightening procedures, hydrated skin can bring out even more of the beauty you’ve achieved via your dermatologist’s expert care.

1). Drink Enough Water

It’s essential to provide your body with ample water so that your organs have all the water they need to perform at their best, and also so that your skin gets nourished from within. Be sure to drink the recommended 7 to 8 glasses of water daily to take in the moisture you need for healthy, smooth, glowing skin and overall radiant health.

2). Eat Well

A healthy, balanced diet provides you with essential nutrients for overall wellness. And when you eat a balanced diet, including natural fatty acids, vegetables, greens, and other nutritious foods, your skin enjoys better hydration, tone and elasticity. What you put on the inside works wonders for your outside. (And this also applies to avoiding smoking and overconsumption of alcohol, both of which dehydrate you, leaving you with wrinkles, lines, sags, and uneven skin tone over time.)

3). Wash More Wisely

Harsh cleaners can strip skin of its natural oils and throw off your moisture balance, so use nature-based, gentle, skin cleansers that contain bio-nutrients for better results. And be gentle when you cleanse your face and body. Over-cleansing and scrubbing can cause damage to your skin, and also lead to more dryness. Many people make the mistake of over-exfoliating, thinking they’re removing dead skin cells to reveal smoother skin. But exfoliating is best done just once a week, to remove those skin cells and to let your moisturizers do their work well.

4). Apply Moisturizer Every Day

Use an emollient-rich facial moisturizer for your face, and choose an oil-free facial moisturizer if you have oily skin. For your body, which also needs extra hydration during the summer, choose a deep-moisturizing product containing ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter or jojoba oil. Going all-natural with your skin’s moisturizing products can protect your skin from harsh chemicals, giving you that soft, smooth, touchable skin you desire, and a gorgeous, glowing face.

5). Limit Extreme Exposure

Intense heat and too much sunlight without protective sunscreen can dramatically reduce your skin’s moisture levels, which can lead to dryness and itchiness. And if you’re itchy, you’re more likely to scratch at your skin, causing marks and redness. During the summer, you can get a bit of sunlight exposure to absorb healthy levels of vitamin D, but too much sun creates the risk of skin cancer as well as drier, flakier skin. So take cover from that sun, protect your skin at all times, and keep drinking water to help reverse any moisture loss caused by the elements.

Talk to your dermatologist about any skin challenges you experience during the summer, and all year long. While you’re doing the good work of hydrating your skin and treating it well, your doctor can suggest additional hydration-helping products and procedures to help bring out your beautiful summertime skin glow.

Moisture-building steps for your skin can begin right now, with a big glass of water and a pampering application of moisturizer…and don’t forget about lip-quenching moisture balms for hydrated, kissable lips.

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