College Skin Care Tips for Guys

Quick question for all those college guys out there: how’s your skin care regime?  Exam on Wednesday, Hay Ride Thursday night, Classics Essay due Friday, Football game Saturday…When’s a college guy supposed to be thinking about taking care of his skin? If you want to impress the girl down the hall in your dorm, you want to make sure the next time you run into her you look your best.

Fellas, if your college toiletry bag consists of just shampoo, soap, and shaving cream, then it’s time to step up your skin care game. Women are not the only one who needs a skin care regime; men, you need it too! Mom and Dad aren’t around to remind you to wash your face, so the responsibility lies with you. Luckily, the top dermatologists here at Short Hills Dermatology are here to provide you with tips to maintain healthy skin, albeit maybe not ace your next exam!

Wash Your Face, Please!

This may come as a surprise, but in order to have clear, healthy skin, you actually have to wash your face and often. Holy Joker, Batman!  Throughout the day, and especially in an environment like college, your face comes into contact with dirt, grime, and bacteria. Spending time in those nasty frat basements certainly doesn’t help and neither does an intense workout at the gym.

Luckily, you don’t have to fill up your toiletry or gym bags with expensive products. During mornings and nights, use a men’s face wash that works well with your skin. Scrub your face with a men’s facial scrub 1-3 times a week, as doing it daily will dry out your skin. Do this regularly and you’ll be well on your way to having clearer skin.

Make Your Skin ~Moist~

Guys let face it: you care about your appearance, to some extent. If you want to catch the attention the girl to your left in Psych 101 class, healthy facial skin makes a great first impression. You want to moisturize after your daily morning and evening washes. Moisturizing is key to maintaining firm skin and staving off the appearance of wrinkles. Don’t go too crazy, you don’t want to look a newly greased car. Just a nickel-sized amount of your favorite moisturizer will suffice to maintaining healthy skin.

Your Diet Affects Your Skin

Got the late night munchies?  Ordering pizza with your buds at 1 AM can be a fun time, but there are some consequences. College campuses are well known for being packed with loads of unhealthy food, which in many cases is the easier option for busy students, especially those who don’t cook. Consistently eating fast food or unbalanced meals lacking sufficient nutrients can lead to poor overall health and poor facial skin health too. We’re not saying you have to eat completely clean at every opportunity but work some fruits and vegetables in there. It’ll do wonders for you skin and well-being.

Get Enough Hours of Sleep

Girls aren’t the only ones that need their beauty sleep. Momma said there were going to be nights where you come in and crash at 3 AM after that party, although she would have preferred it was after hitting the books for 6 hours at the library. Watch yourself; make sure the late nights don’t become too common. Getting sufficient sleep is key to having great skin. You read that right! During sleep, blood flow increases to the skin as it repairs itself. Try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep, every day! Your skin will thank you for it. Not to mention, who wants dark circles or baggy eyes?

Don’t Forget To Apply Sunscreen to Your Skin

The last moments of summer weather are enjoyed when school first starts. You’re going to want to toss a Frisbee around with your friends but take care. Excessive sun exposure can damage your facial skin, leading to premature wrinkles. Protect yourself using sunscreen of at least SPF 15, 30 is better, whether or not you are susceptible to getting sunburned. Those with fair skin must always use sunscreen.

On the road to Healthier Facial Skin

Guys, starting a consistent skin care regimen partakes discipline. Once you begin implementing these daily rituals, you’ll realize that it only takes a few minutes daily. Don’t feel bad if you miss a day because of classes and whatnot, but be sure to stick to your routine as soon (much) as possible. Follow the above steps and your skin will be looking crystal clear in class, at the gym, and come Thursday, preferably Friday night. Need more tips on how to maintain your facial skin amidst all that cramming? Visit our blog at today!

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