Do I Have to Stay Out of the Sun After Any Skin Treatments?

When you have your skin treated with laser skin therapy, injectibles, and other top dermatology procedures, you may need to stay out of the sun for a short while afterwards, so that you don’t risk any harm to your healing skin. Your doctor can give you customized advice about how long you need to shun the sun, according to your skin’s unique sensitivities, the type of treatment you experienced, how large your treatment area was, and other factors. We’ve had it drummed into our heads for so long that sunscreen is essential for protection from UVA and UVB rays, even in fall and winter, and if you’re among the wise ones who protect your skin religiously via daily applications and re-applies, your skin procedure’s healing process might require you to notapply sunscreen for a brief time.

So here is a general primer on how long you should stay out of the sun after you get any skin treatments [again, your doctor will give you tailored advice, so be sure to consult with your medical expert for your sun avoidance rules]

  • Blue light treatment: Stay out of the sun for 24-48 hours after treatment
  • Chemical peels: Stay out of the sun for at least a few hours after treatment. For Obaji Blue peel, avoid sun exposure for at least a few hours. Your doctor will advise on sun avoidance times for a light chemical peel vs. a deeper chemical peel.
  • Laser hair removal: Since skin may be sensitive after laser treatment, avoid direct sunlight on your treated areas for at least a few hours, to avoid sunburn and discoloration.
  • Microdermabrasion: If your skin is irritated, avoid the sun for a few hours, but there’s no need to stay out of the sun for days.
  • Acne treatments for adults and teens: For laser and topical cream solutions, follow your doctor’s advice. Some topical acne creams at prescription strength have warnings about sun sensitivity; follow your doctor’s orders.

Generally, the following skin treatments do not require complete sun avoidance, although again, your doctor has the official advice and final say in the matter:

  • MOH’s surgery for sun cancer removal
  • Laser treatment for vitiligo
  • Laser treatment for psoriasis
  • Laser treatment for broken capillaries anywhere on the body
  • Sclerotherapy on the leg
  • Rosacea treatments
  • Botox: cosmetic and hyperhidrosis
  • Juvederm
  • Radiesse
  • Skin tag removal
  • Wart removal
  • Mole removal

Talk with your doctor about your skin treatment’s sun avoidance requirements, so that you can schedule your treatment optimally – that is, you may not wish to get your acne treatment right before you go on vacation or attend an outdoor party. Keep the sun exposure issue high on your concerns list, so that you don’t experience any damage or discoloration from the sun’s rays as you heal.

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