How Long Does Botox for Excessive Sweating Last?

Sweating is a normal function of the human body, but if you’re experiencing excessive sweating that shows through and stains your clothes, causing you great embarrassment and lessened self-confidence, it’s time to seek a cosmetic solution from your dermatologist.

Many sufferers of excessive sweating – known as hyperhidrosis – produce four to five more times the sweat produced by non-sufferers, which can create daily discomfort and limit lifestyle and fashion decisions. And body odor is also a self-confidence-crushing side effect of this condition. When super-strength deodorants don’t work, sufferers wisely turn to their dermatologists for help and are surprised to find that Botox has been found to be a safe and effective solution to this condition.

When Botox was first granted FDA approval for the treatment of facial spasms, vocal cord spasms and crossed eyes in 1989, the medical community found that the injections could treat many other conditions as well, from migraine headaches to cerebral palsy spasms. Soon, medical research found that Botox effectively worked to temporarily block chemical signals from the nerves to stimulate sweat glands. When the sweat glands do not receive chemical signals to create sweat, you can experience a solution to your excessive moisture problems and body odor, and eliminate embarrassing incidents of sweating through clothing.

To alleviate your excessive sweating issues, your dermatologist will assess your affected areas and discuss your sweating patterns, then tailor a very relieving schedule of just one or two Botox treatment sessions per year to virtually eliminate sweating problems. This means the results of your Botox treatments for excessive sweating may last six to nine months, depending on your particular sweating issues and your physician’s assessment of where you need Botox and how much to inject in your affected areas.

The longevity of Botox effects depend on the regenerative capacity of the nerve synapses in your treatment areas. Some nerves may be more easily controlled by Botox than others, which will determine in part how long each of your Botox treatments will be effective. Since Botox is a temporary solution, you will need future treatments to stay dry and satisfied.

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