How to Look Younger in One Day

Want to look younger and fresher now, instead of waiting the six to twelve weeks it takes for supposedly skin-perfecting lotions, serums and gels to work on your skin (and even then perhaps not see much of a difference?) Here are some ways that your dermatologist can help correct your skin’s flaws and enhance your natural beauty in just one day:

1). Even Out Skin Tone

New advances in chemical peels remove skin imperfections without injuring the top of the epidermis, so there’s zero to minimal scabbing, unlike older types of chemical peels that caused more dramatic scabbing that took weeks to heal. After a chemical peel, you may experience dryness and mild flaking, but you’ll get immediate results and long-lasting skin improvement. Most often, just one treatment is all it takes to even out your skin tone and get significantly brighter skin.

2). Remove Fine Lines

FDA-approved dermal fillers can diminish the tiniest and most superficial lines from your face. The newest fillers like Belotero Balance spreads out evenly, so they don’t have to be injected too deeply into the skin tissue. The small particles of new types of fillers make it possible to smooth out shallow lines while keeping the surface of your skin bump-free. Clear away those fine lines around your eyes and lips immediately, and since the needle only penetrates the top layers of your skin, it’s very common to experience far less bruising.

3). Firm Up Your Skin

With laser treatments administered by your dermatologist, radio frequency and infrared-light pulses into your skin, tightening up loose and sagging skin in your jowls and face, as well as in two other areas that women are especially interested in tightening up to look younger: the neck and the knees. With age, or after weight loss, neck skin can sag, making you look far older than your years, and many women also complain that loose skin above their knees keeps them from wearing the skirts, shorts and bathing suits they love. While some patients see noticeable results right away, most see significantly tighter skin in treated areas within six months. You may need several treatments to get the most out of this skin-firming procedure.

4). Get a Better Neck

Fixing the neck is so popular with women, there are two solutions for neck imperfections. Age pulls everything downward, and when time takes hold of your neck, the muscles in that area can start to enlarge and protrude. Since neck muscles are connected to face muscles, changes in your neck can actually pull your face downward. Your dermatologist can relax your neck muscles with Botox, a procedure that eases the muscles in your neck, and also smooths out wrinkles as it allows your face to lift back up. Many patients refer to this treatment as a non-surgical facelift. You’ll see results right away, and not have to lose time to recovery as you would with a more invasive neck fix.

5). Perk up Your Nose

Your dermatologist can inject a hyaluronic filler like Juvederm, Restylane or Perlane into the bony line down the center of your nose, which slims the nose and can correct bumps and imperfections. If you’ve noticed that your nose seems wider or flatter these days, that’s a common sign of aging, and it can be corrected with filler injections. You can also have your doctor inject a tiny dose of Botox under the tip of your nose to lift it up into a bit of that youthful ‘ski slope’ nose that you may desire.

6). Plump up Your Earlobes

If you wear heavy earrings, you might experience saggy, droopy earlobes. Or, maybe your earlobes have simply sagged with age. To ‘remodel’ your earlobes, your dermatologist can inject a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that plumps them up for six months to a year, with results noticeable immediately.

7). Reduce the Look of Spider Veins

Using sclerotherapy – a treatment that involves injecting a medication into affected veins to inflame them, then cause them to close and get absorbed by the body – is an effective and safe way to reduce the appearance of spider veins. Your dermatologist assesses which veins to treat and uses a tiny needle to treat that discolored vein or cluster of veins. You may get some bruising, redness and swelling for a short period of time, and your doctor can advise you on how to minimize any side effects from this treatment.

8). Lose the Bruise

If you have a big event coming up and find yourself with a noticeable bruise on your face or body, you likely want that bruise to be gone right away. A big presentation at work, or a big job interview, a wedding or other special event, is no time to have a big purple bruise from playtime with your child or from a sporting injury. Your dermatologist can treat that bruise with a laser in a procedure that takes less than a half hour, and the bruise may very well fade completely by the end of the day.

9). Brighten Your Skin

Eliminate that ruddy look of sun-damage on your face, legs and arms with pigment-busting laser skin treatments that combined with a topical drug can lighten the skin on your treated areas. This procedure can also remedy precancerous cells, so if your doctor spots any unusual skin conditions, this laser treatment can help reduce precancerous cells. Fine lines also reduce as an effect of this treatment.

10). Fix a Botched Treatment

If you’ve experienced a dermatology nightmare, with misplaced dermal fillers making your face look off-balance, your dermatologist may be able to correct the problem right away. Hyaluronic fillers like Perlane, Juvederm and Restylane can be treated with an injection of an enzyme that dissolves hyaluronic acid within 24 hours. The body naturally metabolizes the filler, so there’s soon no trace of it in your system. If, however, your unfortunate filler application was done with Radiesse, that’s one filler than cannot be remedied in this way, so be sure you know exactly which kind of filler you received before you seek a dermatologist’s quick and efficient fix for that filler error.

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