How to Look Younger

If you look in the mirror and think the face you see looks old, tired, worn out, not as fresh as you’d like, you can reclaim your younger appearance, rescuing it from the effects of time. It can be quite surprising, and delighting! — how quickly you can do so, too.

While other women may attempt to look younger by slathering on expensive creams, serums and tonics marketed as miracle age-erasers, counting on promises to see results in six to eight weeks, you could skip all that effort, and perhaps even many chemicals in some brands of facial creams, and get results in minutes with the help of your dermatologist’s safe and effective treatment offerings.

So what exactly makes you look younger? Here are some of the most desired features of a young-looking face:

  • Smooth, wrinkle-free skin: This includes those tiny or pronounced lines forming across your forehead, or crow’s feet, perhaps the start of smile lines surrounding your mouth. These can be easily and safely eliminated by your doctor.
  • Smooth, crease-free skin: Those smile lines around your mouth may have turned into deep creases, as dramatically-deep parenthesis around your lips, or as deep creases extending down from your lips to your jawline, what we call ‘marionette lines.’ Specific treatments can eliminate these.
  • Facial fullness. As you age and lose collagen and hyaluronic acid in your face, the shape of your face changes, perhaps hollows over time, leading to sagging and jowls. Since it’s a gradual loss of volume in your face, you might not have noticed your loss of fullness. But looking at a photo of yourself from years ago will certainly show a loss of that plump fullness of young skin. Your dermatologist can get that back again, and make it look entirely natural.
  • No Under-Eye Circles or Puffiness: Dark circles under your eyes will make you look tired, and your dermatologist can return your eye area to fresh youthfulness.
  • Plump, kissable lips: A subtle, natural plumping of your lips can make you look younger and more glamorous, since the perfect shade of lipcolor and gloss on fuller lips can refresh your look and give you a celebrity-chic smile.
  • Blemish-free skin. Acne and blemish scars may be an effect of age and hormones, and your dermatologist can rid you of the bane of breakouts and dark marks.
  • No spider veins. Tiny little red, blue or purple lines can occur on your face, perhaps beside your nose, or elsewhere on your body, and your dermatologist offers safe, quick and effective elimination of these telltale signs of age.
  • Softer, glowing skin. Dry skin is another hallmark of aging, and your doctor can use lasers or other treatments to give you a fresh, rosy, soft, moisturized, younger complexion.

And don’t forget your hands. Style specialists say that your hands will give away your true age, and in some cases, hand issues like loss of fullness or the appearance of veins can make you look much older than you are. Your doctor has solutions for these hand issues, to give you smooth, line-free, plump and fresher-looking hands that can make you look younger.

These are just some of the ways to return your look to a more youthful appearance, and many of them deliver immediate, youthful solutions after just one treatment. Talk to our team to see how you can soon love the face you see in the mirror, a return to a more youthful you.

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