What Can Chemical Peels Solve?

Most people think of cosmetic chemical peels as being not much different than the exfoliating gel applied during a spa facial – simply sloughing off some dead skin cells on the surface — but a cosmetic chemical peel performed by a dermatologist can deliver a much wider variety of skin solutions.

Using top-of-the-line peeling agents such as salicylic acid, trichloracetic acid (TCA), glycolic acid and Jessner’s solution paired with top technology, dermatologists apply their skill and expertise in assessing your skin’s needs to select the perfect chemical peel to treat the top layers of the skin, speeding up skin cell turnover in those top layers and reveal newer skin, to solve skin issues and reveal a fresher facial appearance.

These quick, safe and effective chemical peels – also called ‘lunchtime peels’ – are popular for those with busy lifestyles seeking speedy cosmetic improvements with virtually no downtime nor limitation of activity. And many patients are surprised to learn just how many different skin issues can be improved or eliminated using dermatologist-applied cosmetic chemical peels:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles are less evident on newer, fresher skin
  • Skin tone can be improved
  • Acne can be treated and improved with your dermatologist’s chosen peel agent
  • Mild scars can be treated with specialty peels designed just for them
  • Skin on the hands can look smoother when the chemical peel removes superficial skin
  • Skin on the neck can look smoother and younger with a chemical peel
  • Fine lines under the eyes can be improved
  • Fine lines around the mouth can be improved
  • Sun damage lines can be reduced or eliminated
  • Freckles maybe reduced
  • Scaling patches may be improved
  • Dark spots or splotches due to taking some forms of birth control pills may be lessened
  • And other applications your doctor can explain to you

Chemical peels are not ideal for treating severe wrinkles, creases or skin sagging.

Your doctor may decide to combine a cosmetic chemical peel with dermabrasion or laser resurfacing in certain conditions, in a custom-designed treatment plan for your particular skin concerns or needs.

Talk to your doctor about the possible solutions that you might enjoy via cosmetic chemical peels, and your doctor will assess your skin’s natural tone, condition and needs. You may find that a ‘lunchtime peel’ can deliver the natural-looking improvements you desire.

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