What is Restylane?

Restylane is a safe and effective injectable filler made from a specialized formulation of non-animal-source hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a natural substance made by the body, as its organic ‘plumper’ that gives that great contour and fullness of a youthful face.

Restylane was the first HA filler approved by the FDA for cosmetic injection beneath the skin’s surface, with its non-animal formula completely bio-compatible with human HA and also biodegradable. Since it is bio-compatible, you very likely won’t need allergy testing before treatment, and you can expect a minimal risk of allergic reaction or skin sensitivity. Whenever a biocompatible injectable is used, the body tends to accept the material without rebelling, allowing it to work its refreshing and restoring magic under the skin.

This clear gel filler is injected into or just under the skin in small amounts – as decided by your experienced physician – to restore volume and structure, resulting in a smoother, natural-looking surface and contouring of your facial features and perhaps your hands and chest.

Restylane is a treatment of choice to smooth away wrinkles, improve and enhance facial contouring, rejuvenate skin and create fuller lips. It is, in fact, very commonly-used for volumizing and improving the shape of the lips, and is also a popular choice for filling in the ‘troughs’ under and around the eyes, restoring cheek volume, and adding refreshed contour to the chin, forehead and nose. As opposed to other fillers that are chiefly used in one primary area of the face, Restylane is multi-purposed, able to solve your features’ challenges in multiple areas. It might be used in tandem with Botox for some facial-enhancing effects as directed by your physician (For instance, the Botox relaxes the nerves and muscles, and the Restylane delivers fresh, new and beautiful volume and structure.)

As a skin treatment, injections of Restylane are popular for increasing skin elasticity, revitalizing the look and smoothness of skin without adding dramatic plumping volume…which makes it preferable for refreshing and renewing the hands, décolletage, and areas of the face that would not look natural with increased volume or plumping.

Wrinkle-reduction, smoothing, contouring and lip volumizing with Restylane is long-lasting and natural-looking, and is especially popular among clients looking to solve their under-eye issues.

With over 15 million treatments given worldwide, Restylane is a top choice in cosmetic treatments for face, hand and body, with dream-come-true face-transforming results. There’s very little downtime after treatments, meaning you can return to your busy and rewarding life, with the subtle and attractive effects of Restylane making you look and feel younger and more vibrant, and perhaps even renewed for a special occasion.

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