How To Treat Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles

Whether you have trouble sleeping at night or attempting to manage stress, as a result, you may begin to notice dark circles or bags under your eyes. Truthfully, no one wants to deal with bags or dark circles making you look less alert or older; these beauty flaws only cause insecurities to manifest. So what can you do to rid yourself of this unpleasant appearance? While you can do your best to use makeup tricks, these annoyances may be out of your control. Fortunately, the expert doctors of Short Hills Dermatology have helpful tips to banish those bags and help foster a radiant and lively appearance.

What Causes Dark Circles and Bags Under Your Eyes?

Before you can begin treatment options, it’s important to understand what causes both dark circles and under eye bags. Dark circles often appear due to blood vessels under the eye swelling and draining incorrectly. Since the skin around the eye is paper thin, you tend to notice blood vessels easily. Furthermore, what you eat can play a role in swelling, such as consuming too much sodium. Also, common allergens can cause under eye bags to flare-up. To complicate matters more, dark circles can be hereditary. However, those at a genetic disposition can learn the best methods to conceal under eye bags. Meanwhile, under eye fat pads that shift out of place cause the appearance of bags. This is a form of herniation, which causes the fat around the eye to bulge.

Natural Home Remedies To Diminish Under Eye Circles

Thankfully many inexpensive and quick home remedies can diminish unsightly bags, thereby working to reduce the puffiness under your eyes. Whether you spend 5 minutes or 30 minutes, these are simple beauty tricks that you can do in the comfort of your couch while resting or meditating.

  • Vegetable eye mask: To reduce puffiness, try slicing a cold, raw potato into two large slices, close your eyes, and then place the potato slices over your entire eye area. This remedy can also work with cucumbers, a classic spa treatment.
  • Milk eye mask: For a simple liquid-based home remedy, try dipping cotton balls or pads into chilled milk before placing them on your eyelids for 20 to 30 minutes. This home remedy will help your eyes reduce water retention while refreshing your skin.
  • Vitamin E treatment: Mix chilled water and three drops of vitamin E oil. This mixture packs rich antioxidants, which remove free radicals that can help heal damaged skin cells around your eyes, and reduce swelling.
  • Tea bag treatment: Submerge 2 tea bags (one for each eye) in cold water and refrigerate. Once cold to the touch, place the tea bags over your eyelids for as little as 5 minutes. Afterwards, wash your face with cold water to stimulate skin cells and rejuvenate your skin. This home remedy will make the area underneath your eyes look tighter and fuller.

Skin Care Products That Help Reduce Puffiness and Dark Circles

Whether stemming from lack of sleep, a product of dehydration, or part of your skin’s complexion, many readily available skin care products can help diminish the bags under your eyes. You can peruse the beauty aisle to find creams containing vitamin K, which helps blood coagulation and circulation within skin cells. In addition, vitamin C works to power the ligaments around the eye that hold back fatty tissue and can weaken with age. Consider applying anti-aging creams packed with vitamin C to the area underneath your eyes to enhance your appearance. Even standard beauty supplies can help to lessen the appearance of under eye bags and dark circles. Products such as daily mineral moisturizers, makeup, facial cleansers, and even under eye sunscreens now contain important vitamins which can keep skin looking refreshed, tight and glowing. Additionally, beauty experts report using makeup removers that are gentle to the skin, to help reduce eyelid puffiness. These products work to soothe the entire eye area from heavy makeup such as mascaras, eye shadows, and eyeliners. Cold temperatures often play a big factor causing your skin to become red and expand, which causes the under eye area to appear baggy. To combat the elements, you can use skin creams meant for dry, cracked skin to help protect and hydrate the area underneath your eyes. Simply apply these products in the morning and at night to reduce the risk of swelling and puffiness during the winter months.

Cosmetic Procedures Can Banish Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags

When all else fails, you can always turn to cosmetic surgery. For individuals considering corrective cosmetic surgery to cure dark circles, dermal filler injections work to fill in that hollow area under the fat pouch that extends to the upper cheeks. Fillers are less expensive than surgery, costing approximately $500 to $1300 per one-milliliter syringe, per session. This price, however, varies depending on the amount needed. Also, dermal fillers require maintenance every one-two years. While this may seem off-putting, keep in mind that fillers require little downtime and a quick, and relatively painless, procedure. Meanwhile, for a more permanent solution to under eye bags, consider pursuing cosmetic lower eye surgery. Known as Blepharoplasty Surgery, this procedure can effectively correct bulging lower eyelid fat. While surgery results last longer than dermal fillers, post-surgery recovery takes one to three weeks. The surgery costs about $3,000 but can be worth the investment over many years.

Visit A NJ Dermatologist To Banish Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles

You don’t have to live with under eye bags or dark circles distracting from your overall appearance. It’s time to reevaluate your lifestyle, because dark circles and under eye bags could actually be a sign of an underlying condition. If the area around your eyes does not improve despite different remedies, contact a top NJ dermatologist near you today!

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