How Long Does JUVÉDERM Last?

If you’re considering JUVÉDERM as the solution to your face’s line, crease and wrinkle woes, one of your first questions is likely to be, “How long does it last?” Undergoing any cosmetic procedure, even this non-surgical one completed in your physician’s office, requires confidence in the effectiveness of the treatment, which for fillers means creating a smooth, natural, refined and refreshed appearance…and having it last as long as possible. A week of looking good just isn’t enticing enough.

So how long does JUVÉDERM last? Hearing ‘Results can last up to a year’ might not be specific enough for you. It’s your beautiful face, and you want to be sure that before one needle goes into it, you know what to expect. If you have a big event coming up, such as a wedding, a class reunion, a corporate awards gala or any other monumental occasion for which you want to look your absolute best, you’ll want to be sure that if you get JUVÉDERM now, you’ll look fabulous then. And even without a special occasion on the horizon, you surely want to know that undergoing the process will lead to many months of gorgeous effect.

While it would be nice to put a number on the peak beauty effect duration of JUVÉDERM, the dermatology community prefers a more personalized, custom-to-each-patient assessment of how long this type of injectable gel filler can be expected to last. It’s true that hyaluronic acid (HA,) the skin-plumper that JUVÉDERM is delivering into your skin, is an acid that the body naturally produces. The body works hard to eliminate unnatural elements from the body, but when it senses natural HA, it doesn’t sense a foreign invader. Thus, JUVÉDERM remains and lasts a long time (as opposed to, say, collagen, which was derived from cow hide, and quickly targeted by the immune system to eliminate it.)

That said, the longevity of your JUVÉDERM treatment will greatly depend on which areas of the face are injected. Dermatologists say that in areas where there is a lot of muscular movement, such as around the mouth,  JUVÉDERM may last a bit less than a year – perhaps six to eight months at peak fullness and then very gradually diminish in fullness as the gel filler absorbs safely into your system. The more the treated areas move, the shorter the peak fullness effect lasts. This isn’t to say that you should refrain from talking to keep those treated areas around your mouth from looking lined or creased again. It’s just important that you have realistic expectations of JUVÉDERM’s lasting effects in your treated areas.

Your physician will assess your skin and your lifestyle – some patients are surprised to learn that strenuous aerobic activity can lessen the duration of this filler’s freshest and fullest look – and give you a personalized advisement on how long you can expect your particular treatment to last. The depth of your smile lines, and the formation of creases on your one-of-a-kind face, will play a part in your doctor’s estimate. Your doctor’s decision of how much HA gel filler to inject in each of the areas and contours of your face will also factor in.

So you might find that JUVÉDERM injected in the nasolabial folds around your mouth last six or more months, and if you get JUVÉDERM in or around your lips, the filler might last only three to six months. Or, your physician may see a year of peak enhancement in your future. In general, dermatologists say that six months to a year is the longevity you can expect from your JUVÉDERM treatment. But having a personal assessment with your physician is the ideal way to find out just how long you can expect your treatments to look full, fresh and fantastic.

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