What Are Hand Lifts?

“Your hands give away your age.”

In the ever-popular quest to look younger, women are warned by the top beauty magazines and top beauty blogs to pay special attention to those parts of the body that can look completely different from their faces, especially when they have spent time beautifying and age-reducing via Botox, Juvederm, chemical peels, facials, moisturizers and religious applications of sunscreen. A fresh, young, dewy complexion on your face could be undermined when your hands look like they belong to someone much older.

While your hands are on display day and night in your everyday life, it’s especially important for them to look youthful in those close-up photos that are posted on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. When you get a new ring (engagement rings especially!) or bracelet, you might show it off to your social media circle.  So you snap a pic, and the high-resolution version of it goes out globally, showing every line, wrinkle and aged-hands feature for the entire world to see.

It’s not a pretty picture at all, especially when that amazing new ring looks like it was slipped onto a much older person’s hand.

And at no time is it more important to have close-up-worthy, smooth, flawless, fresh and young-looking hands than on your wedding day.  It’s a day full of super close-up photos, especially of your hands…holding your bouquet, with your new wedding ring on your finger, joining your engagement ring, holding the hand of your new spouse, etc. Again, those ultra high-resolution photos show every detail of what’s in the picture, and those ornate, flawless, dazzling rings you have on look even more amazing when your hands look flawless as well.

Your wedding photos last forever, capturing your beauty on your wedding day – and Mother of the Bride, this applies to you, too.  Your hands will be shown close-up in photos, as you adjust your daughter’s veil, hand her Something Borrowed, or clasp your hand with hers for a sweet wedding photo – so avoid the wedding nightmare of having these special photos ruined by your hands’ veiny appearance, chapped knuckles and aged skin.

How to Get Younger Looking Hands?

It’s often not enough to just start applying moisturizer or ‘age-defying’ hand lotions a few weeks before the wedding, hoping that a DIY wedding beauty regimen will give you younger-looking hands. Your board-certified dermatologist can vastly refresh the look of your hands through a ‘hand-lift,’ which is a 5 – 10 minute cosmetic procedure conducted in-office, in which your dermatologist injects FDA-approved Radiesse into the tops of your hands. Radiesse works to restore and replenish lost volume in the hands by gently plumping up the skin of your hands, which also reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hand veins.

If getting needles in your hands sounds painful, you’ll be happy to know that FDA studies show that when your dermatologist combines Radiesse with the pain-reducing anesthetic lidocaine, it’s far more comfortable to get your quick hand-fix. And the results of Radiesse have been proven in clinical studies to last 12 to 18 months. So your fresh-looking hands will continue to look beautiful for a long time after the wedding. That’s a very nice wedding gift to give to yourself! And as you collect compliments on your wedding dress, you’ll also hear compliments on how lovely your hands look – in person and in wedding photos captured forever in wedding albums and of course on your social media posts, which will of course include selfies of your hand with your stunning, sparkling wedding rings!

Talk to your dermatologist about what you can expect from your ‘hand lift’ of Radiesse, which side effects you can expect, how much your cosmetic procedure will cost, and – importantly – how far prior to the Big Day you should schedule your ‘hand lift.’

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