Short Hills Dermatology’s Best of 2017

As we peel back the last days of 2017, we remember our blogs and the profound effect they’ve had on our readers.  For the past 12 months, we’ve provided insight into new cosmetic procedures, cancer preventatives, and helpful tips to scrub away bad hygiene habits. As this year comes to a close, let’s revisit some of our best blogs with our top 10 blogs of 2017 countdown.

10. Mistakes You Make When Washing Your Face

While it may seem trivial, not paying attention when washing your face can result in dry skin, oily skin and even acne breakouts. So if you are worried that you’re not washing your face properly, our blog will clarify everything you need to do for clear skin and a fresh face.

9. The Benefits of Water For Your Skin

Want to know the secret to glowing, hydrated skin? The answer lies in the amount of water you drink daily. But there are more ways in which water adds to your overall health. So take a sip and read the benefits of water for your skin, in our blog.

8. What You Need To Know About Lip Balm

While men and woman generously apply lip balm for its advantages, there are also many disadvantages. Did you know you could be having an allergic reaction without even realizing it? Familiarize yourself with essential knowledge about lip balm, before your next application.

7. Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Makeup On

Are you guilty of going to bed without removing your makeup? If so you’re harming your face chances of achieving that coveted glow. From dirt and residue build-up to signs of aging, don’t’ fall asleep so fast, this blog will make you reconsider sleeping with your makeup on.

6. Treatment For All Stages Of Cancer

Routine skin check for early detection of skin cancer is crucial for your health. So it comes as no surprise that our dermatologists are mindful of the most effective skin cancer treatment for early stages. To learn how to treat primary to Malignant Melanoma, check out our blog featuring helpful health tips to identify the warning signs.

5. What Is Preventative Botox?

Are you getting apprehensive as you await your first set of wrinkles? Now you don’t have to worry because many individuals commonly use Botox as a preventative anti-aging method. So turn that frown upside down and read up on the benefits of preventative Botox. Not only will Botox work to stop creases from setting in, but this type of injectable can help create facial symmetry as well.

4. 4 Daily Habits That Cause Dry Skin

If you notice your skin becomes tight, itchy or rough, it may be time to reevaluate certain daily habits as they may actually be causing dry skin. From choosing the right skin care products to discovering the right temperature to shower, our dermatologists get down to the basics to help hydrate and rejuvenate your skin in this blog.

3. Dietary Habits Affecting Your Skin

Dermatologists understand that how you look on the outside, very much reflects what you consume on the inside. When we eat poorly, this causes our skin to lose key nutrients and vitamins it needs to be full of luster, hydrated and radiant. To ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to recognize the dietary habits negatively affecting your skin.

2. The Truth About Tanning

Whether lying on the beach or laying in a tanning bed, too much UV exposure can be harmful and even cause Melanoma. But how can you soak up some sunshine and get some color without jeopardizing your health? Our dermatologists shed light on the truth about tanning in this blog.

1. Can You Be Allergic To Jewelry?

Have you ever noticed discoloration on your skin from a beloved piece of jewelry? Or maybe you experienced unexplainable itchiness? Rest assured that this isn’t your imagination and you may actually be allergic to jewelry. Our dermatologists explain why this occurs and how to prevent future reactions so you can still parade around in your favorite piece of bling in this blog.

A Refreshing 2018

Skin health remains important. So you should make a conscious attempt to treat your skin better. As you wind down 2017 by disposing expired products and replenishing your bathroom cabinets with new products, consult our dermatologists for a personalized and effective skin care regimen in 2018.

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