Getting Rid of Breast Veins

No matter what size your breasts are, you want them to be beautiful, firm, youthful, and of course healthy. You invest in great bras that give you uplift and support (perhaps adding a cup size or two,) stylish dresses with a sexy low cut to show off your cleavage, and bathing suits that make you the envy of every woman on the beach. You want to look fabulous dressed and undressed, alone or in intimate situations, and you want to feel like your breasts are one of your best assets.

In addition to breast size, shape and fullness, you might look upon your breasts and see some blue veins starting to show through your skin. These veins can develop when a woman is quite young, especially if she has a genetic predisposition to veinier skin, and pregnancy can also exacerbate the appearance of breast veins. Pregnancy, after all, greatly affects the breasts, with natural breast enlargement occurring early on in a pregnancy, and continuing throughout the pregnancy, and then of course there is the breast ‘workout’ that you get when you breastfeed. All of those effects on breast tissue can create the conditions in which breast veins become more visible, and in some cases, greatly upsetting when those blue veins are quite wide and resemble a map on the breasts.

Breast Veins After Breast Surgeries

Breast veins can also appear after different kinds of breast surgeries. Getting breast implants can lead to more pronounced breast veins, which can be very disappointing when you’ve invested so much time, energy and hopes for beautiful breasts via the perfect breast implant size and shape. Now that your breasts are higher, fuller and more youthful-looking, you will certainly not want to live with unattractive blue veins on your breasts. And if you’re a cancer survivor who has had breast reconstruction surgery, you will not want the resulting blue breast veins to be a daily reminder of your challenging ordeal. You’ll want all traces of that chapter in your history eliminated.

Weight gain can also cause breast veins to become more pronounced, another unwelcome effect of putting on extra weight, and another self-confidence eroding appearance issue that can wreak havoc on your personal sense of happiness.

Age may simply be the cause of breast vein issues, which can also be a sign that you want to eliminate. If you’re a woman who isn’t thrilled about approaching a certain age, whether it be 40, 50, or any other age – and even women approaching 30 bemoan the appearance of blue breast veins – you may want a solution to those unwelcome lines on your breasts, not to mention broken capillaries and spider veins.

Breast veins can feel like an unwelcome tattoo that brings you back to a traumatic time, or they may simply be an annoyance when you wish to wear a figure-flattering top or special occasion dress, or a the bathing suit you’ve been looking forward to wearing all winter. Bras and lingerie for seduction time mean that your partner’s eyes will be drawn right to your breasts, and you will want your breasts to look their best in this important moment. Your partner loves you, flaws and all, but you’ll surely feel more confident and alluring when your own mind isn’t stuck on how horrible your breast veins look.

Sclerotherapy: An Effective Solution For Breast Veins

Talk to your doctor about the most effective solutions for your breast vein issues. He can discuss the various methods of safe and effective sclerotherapy procedures that can reduce the appearance of breast veins. Sclerotherapy is quick and pain-free, a simple fine needle injected into the veins in question, delivering a solution that treats and safely closes off veins your doctor knows to be safe to eliminate for your circulation, and the blue lines are reduced or eliminated, safely absorbed into the body. Your doctor will, of course, take your full medical history to be sure you’re a healthy candidate for sclerotherapy, and advise you on the essential steps to take before and after the breast vein procedure that is conducted in the doctor’s office. For instance, your doctor may advise you to avoid self-tanners for a period of time after treatment, and care for your injection sites so that they don’t become infected. Take post-procedure advice seriously, so that you don’t ruin the effects of your breast vein reduction procedure and introduce a whole new problem with your breasts.

Schelorotherapy performed on breast veins may require several injections, and at times several appointments for multiple treatments, depending on how dramatic your breast vein appearance is, and your board-certified physician will assess your breast vein issues to create a treatment plan to restore your breasts’ best look.

Then, of course, your breasts’ care is up to you, as you maintain your regular mammogram schedule, apply any breast stretch mark medicine prescribed by your doctor, and conduct regular self-exams for your optimal breast health.

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