Why Moisturizing Matters

Most people equate the basic purpose of a moisturizer to only hydrating dry skin. Whether you have a frigid windblown face in winter or you are peeling from sunburn, we are advised to moisturize. But do we know why exactly we are advised to do so?

The benefits of incorporating a moisturizer into your beauty regimen will not only help you glow and keep you looking fresh-faced, but also aide with aging, while providing your skin with vital nutrients it needs.

Beauty Sleep Exists

A nighttime beauty regimen is important and consistency is key. It is recommended to use a thicker cream at nighttime, because while we sleep our bodies go into “repair” mode for skin cells. Our bodies tend to lose water and so having a layer of hydration helps with making sure you wake each morning with a pleasantly plump face to ensure you got your “beauty sleep”. If applied daily, moisturizer can make sure you age gracefully in the long run.

Moisturizer’s Ingredients

Everyone can benefit from applying moisturizing creams because these products add vitamins and nutrients needed. Moisturizers contain “occlusives,” which prevent water from being absorbed and “humectants,” used to attract water to skin cell. Then you have  “emollients” for smoothing rough and flaking skin; the noticeable reason why people moisturize.

Creams come in a wide variety of formulas; some may contain ingredients like caffeine to perk you up. Likewise brightening formulas that help dull skin and decrease inflammation. If you are considering using one because your skin is oily, simply opt for one that can reduce sebum production. If you are acne prone, choose an oil-free, fragrance-free, noncomedogenic moisturizer. Shop around to determine which specific formula can help your needs.

When You Should Apply

Moisturizing is ideal after a shower or after exfoliating your skin when it is rid of dead skin cells and also stripped of essential natural oils. Moisturizing after you exfoliate, bath or shave is the best time to replenish your skin. When applying facial moisturizers, apply in an upward motion to plump skin rather than pull it towards gravity.

As seasons change, so does your skin and so should the type of moisturizer you apply. In the winter it is recommended to use a thicker more substantial lotion to absorb dryness, in the summer however, opt for a light SPF infused moisturizer to keep already oily summer skin hydrated.

Gracefully Aging

When you prevent skin from obtaining the proper hydration it needs to function, you can accelerate the signs of aging. It’s no secret that dehydrated skin shows every line and wrinkle. Not hydrating skin also compromises the skin’s barrier, leading to inflammation and ultimately collagen breakdown.

Face The Facts

By investing in the right moisturizer for your skin and taking the time to use a moisturizer in your daily routine, you will reap the benefits than just healing skin dryness. With health benefits and ever-improving dermatological ingredients, moisturizers will help lessen current skin conditions, nourish your skin to have your looking and feeling younger and give you a radiant confidence to take on the day! Contact Shorthills Derm today to find the perfect skin care line for you.

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