Exploring Effective Acne Treatments for Teenagers

Because of ongoing developmental changes, teenage skin is a lot more susceptible to acne breakouts. Thankfully, there are a number of effective, non-invasive treatments that have been licensed by the FDA for the treatment of acne in adolescents.

Here are some of the best acne treatments for teenagers available today.

Topical Treatments

Benzoyl Peroxide (Antiseptic)

As an antiseptic, benzoyl peroxide helps eliminate skin-surface germs that cause acne. It also helps clear up the skin by getting rid of excess oil and dead skin cells.

Although benzoyl peroxide products can be very effective acne treatments for teenagers, they also have the potential to irritate the skin and lead to dryness and peeling. As such, teenagers with dry skin, sensitive skin, rosacea, or eczema should avoid using benzoyl peroxide.

Clindamycin (Antibiotic)

Acne types with a lot of inflammation, such as cystic and nodular acne, typically respond well to topical clindamycin. For acne that is not severe yet difficult to treat, you may also take clindamycin to calm redness and irritation. Both teenagers and adults alike can benefit from using this treatment.


When other acne treatments for teenagers have failed, you may benefit from topical retinoids that are available only with a doctor’s prescription. Retinoids encourage the growth of new skin cells, which in turn help to clear up pores. However, there is a possibility of mild side effects, such as skin irritation.

Dapsone Gel

Dapsone gel is particularly known to be effective for all ages. Although it works best on inflammatory acne, it can also address non-inflammatory forms of the condition, such as blackheads and milia. Dapsone belongs to the sulfone antibiotics class of medications. Similar to clindamycin, it inhibits bacterial growth and reduces inflammation.

Other Treatments

Laser Acne Treatments

Laser acne treatments for teenagers involve sending direct pulses of light to the affected skin to inhibit the overproduction of sebum (oil) responsible for acne breakouts.

Laser acne treatment is virtually painless. It can also target bacteria in affected areas of the skin without damaging surrounding tissue.

Chemical Peels

By exfoliating the skin and reducing bacterial development, chemical peels may be an effective treatment for adolescent acne. Modern chemical peel procedures often involve little to no downtime, and gentle solutions may be tailored to meet the needs of even the most sensitive skin types.

Explore Acne Treatments for Teenagers in Short Hills, NJ

At Dermatology Consultants of Short Hills, an experienced dermatologist will create a personalized acne treatment plan for your adolescent after evaluating their skin condition, the severity of their acne, and their skin type. This may involve a progression from prescription-strength acne medications to oral medications or even a combination of these.

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