How Does Adult Acne Differ From Teenage Acne?

If you have ever struggled with acne, you are not alone. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, everyone struggles with acne to an extent.

In order to treat your acne, it’s beneficial to know what’s causing it, but the reasons may differ depending on your age. Keep reading to learn more about the main causes of adult and teenage acne.

Are Adult and Teenage Acne Different?

On the surface, adult and teenage acne are the same thing. Acne develops when excess oil develops on your skin. That contributes to bacterial growth that can ultimately clog the pores. Once clogged, the pores can become inflamed; when they do, you can get blackheads and other forms of acne.

The real differences between adult and teen acne stem from underlying causes and how they are present.

Teenage Acne

For the most part, teens get acne because of dramatic changes in their hormone levels during puberty. Primarily, the hormones responsible for teen acne are known as androgens.

Androgens refer to testosterone in males and estrogen in females. Regardless of sex, changes in these hormones can cause oil levels in the skin to change, leading to acne.

It’s worth noting that other hormonal changes, such as during pregnancy and the menstrual cycle, can lead to acne as well.

Adult Acne

While acne is primarily associated with the teenage years, it’s still common for adults to experience it as well.

An interesting facet of adult acne is that there are no standard underlying causes. Sometimes, hormonal changes well into adulthood can lead to an outbreak. In other cases, oil buildup stems entirely from environmental issues. Ultimately, there is no consistent answer as to why adults get acne.

Still, adult acne is notably different from teen acne in terms of presentation. Teens more commonly get outbreaks on their foreheads and cheeks. Adults see more acne on their chins and around their lips.

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