Acne Treatments for Adults

Acne Treatments for Adults in Short Hills, NJ

As we age, an influx of hormones typically cause acne to dissipate; however, statistics show that there is a significant margin of adults that suffer from adult onset acne in their 30’ s and 40’s and can even affect women through menopause. Of adult acne sufferers, 25% are male while over 50% are female.

Research has found the most common causes that potentially prolong acne or cause adult acne flare ups stem from include; hormones (menstrual for women and testosterone for men), cortisol increase from stress, air pollution and even using the products on your face that are not oil-free, non-comedogenic, or water-based. Studies also show that adult acne can flare up for individuals despite not having experienced teenage acne.

Short Hills Dermatology Uses The Most Effective Acne Treatments

Adult acne differs from teenage acne both in appearance and acne treatments. Adolescents experience series of breakouts around the face, whereas in adulthood, acne is centrally located around the mouth, chin and jaw line areas. Moreover, adult acne tends to have fewer blemishes but with deeper nodules that tend to be reddish in color.

Unlike teenage acne, OTC acne treatments will not remedy adult acne because the ingredients found in store bought products are meant to help treat whiteheads and black heads instead of deeper acne.

At Short Hills Dermatology, we offer the best acne treatments to Essex County and the surrounding NJ area. Our top rated acne treatments include oral pills, laser acne treatments, Accutane, chemical peels for adult acne and topical creams containing retinoids, Vitamin A, or Dapsone gel to reduce inflammation.


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