Preventative Botox

Preventative Botox is the process of injecting Botox into areas of the face prone to crease and wrinkles. By slowly weakening muscles, Preventative Botox can help lessen deep-set creases and wrinkles before they start. It is a precautionary non-invasive procedure that is increasing in popularity for women and men in their 20’s and 30’s depending on patient’s genetic disposition, skin care regimen, sun exposure, and health. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, an estimated 100,000 patients between the ages of 20-29 received Preventative Botox in 2015. Ideal candidates for preventative Botox can already see traces of lines when skin is relaxed. By starting Botox treatments before deep imperfections set, the amount of Botox required would be far less than patients who already have visible fine lines and wrinkles.

Short Hills Dermatology Botox Maintenance

At Short Hills Dermatology, we treat patients seeking Preventative Botox in Essex County and the New Jersey area. Ideally, Botox should not fully block facial expressions, but rather limit muscle contractions of a furrowed brow and eye creases, thus giving a more natural appearance. The effects of Botox will typically last from four to six months. After which maintenance is required. Depending on the patient’s ideal aesthetic, usually 1-3 visits a year are required. The cost of Botox varies between $350-1,000 depending on the amount of units each patient requires. Botox injections usually take as little as 10 minutes with minimal pain resulting in small temporary bumps and sometimes bruising and or mild headaches. Botox patients can wear makeup and resume daily activates directly following an office visit; however we advise patients to avoid lying down, bending down, or physical activity within 4 hours after receiving Botox treatment.

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