Signs of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the U.S. It’s important to be familiar with the signs of skin cancer. Knowing these signs can help ensure that you go for a skin cancer screening if needed.

What Are the First Signs of Skin Cancer?

The first signs of skin cancer typically include changes in moles, such as having moles that get bigger or moles that change color. Other signs include small lesions or large brown spots that have darker markings on them. Keep in mind that skin cancer can occur in areas that aren’t exposed to the sun, so it’s important to check all over for signs and symptoms.

What Do Early Signs of Melanoma Look Like?

Early signs of melanoma include changes in moles anywhere on the body. However, certain areas are more prone to melanoma. Melanoma in men often shows up on the face, while melanoma in women usually occurs on the lower legs.

How Can You Identify Skin Cancer?

You can go for a skin cancer screening if you find any possible signs and symptoms of skin cancer. You should avoid trying to identify skin cancer on your own. Instead, have your doctor do a screening and run other tests to accurately identify this disease.

Can You Feel Skin Cancer?

You might have painful lesions on your body that burn or itch. Common signs of skin cancer are usually ones that you see, though, such as lesions or mole changes.

What Happens if Skin Cancer Goes Untreated?

Skin cancer that isn’t treated can spread to other areas of your body, which can make it much more difficult to treat. Leaving this type of cancer untreated can result in the need for more involved forms of treatment, such as radiation or chemotherapy. When skin cancer is caught early, you might only need to have the cancerous mole or area removed.

Can Your Skin Cancer Go Away by Itself?

Skin cancer does not go away on its own. You’ll need to see your doctor for a diagnosis and treatment in order to prevent this disease from getting worse.

Does Skin Cancer Show Up in Blood Tests?

Skin cancer usually isn’t diagnosed with blood tests. Instead, your doctor might take a biopsy or sample of skin in the affected area to examine it. This biopsy helps your doctor determine if you have skin cancer, what type of skin cancer and how severe it is, which is important in order to get the treatment you need.

Does Skin Cancer Hurt?

Skin cancer can go a long time without being detected since it usually doesn’t cause any noticeable pain or discomfort. You might have sore lesions with certain kinds of skin cancer.

Do Skin Cancer Spots Appear Suddenly?

Skin cancer spots might appear suddenly or seem to if you don’t usually check for signs and symptoms of this disease. In other cases, spots and other signs develop gradually over a long period of time.

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