Tips to Manage Hyperhidrosis Flare-ups

Hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating, can be debilitating, embarrassing, and frustrating to deal with. If you have hyperhidrosis, then you likely have been seeking excessive sweating treatment options while trying to manage your symptoms. When flare-ups happen, it can be hard to get past them. Let’s explore different tips for managing your hyperhidrosis.


Antiperspirant is used by most people in the form of deodorant. However, getting prescription-grade antiperspirant can be a valuable tool for managing hyperhidrosis. Antiperspirant works by reducing the amount of sweat produced by the body. While you’re likely to still experience more sweating than the average person, antiperspirant can help mask the smell and reduce sweating.

Anti-Bacterial Soap

Showering every day is important for hygiene, especially if you struggle with hyperhidrosis. Showering with anti-bacterial soap is a great way to manage bacteria that thrives in sweaty environments. This can help reduce odors from hyperhidrosis.


Shoe liners and underarm liners are great tools to avoid embarrassment, discomfort, and ruining your clothes. Underarm liners are used to absorb sweat so that it doesn’t penetrate the fabric of your clothes. Shoe inserts can be used to mitigate the discomfort of walking around with damp feet.

Avoid Certain Food and Drink

Certain foods and drinks can stimulate the body’s natural sweat production. Spicy foods may make you feel warm inside, but they also lead to more sweat being produced. Alcohol also has similar warming properties that can make the body sweat more. This natural increase in sweat can make your hyperhidrosis worse.

Getting Rid of the Sweat

All of these tips are great ways to mitigate and manage the symptoms of hyperhidrosis. However, the only way to remove symptoms is to be treated. That’s why Dermatology Consultants of Short Hills provides BOTOX® to alleviate symptoms. BOTOX is used under the arms to stop nerve signals from producing as much sweat.

Treatments can last up to nine months and can be continued or discontinued any time past then. Our team of doctors understands that seeking treatment can be daunting and make it their mission to provide efficient, safe, and comfortable options to meet your goals. Take the first step towards being sweat-free and contact our staff at 973-232-6245 today.

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