Understanding Cystic Acne

At Dermatology Consultants of Short Hills, our team of professionals have dedicated their careers to helping patients look and feel their best. When problems such as cystic acne begin in the teenage years and persist into adulthood, many patients are overwhelmed at how to control the problem. The providers in our Short Hills, NJ area practice are pleased to offer solutions. With a proper evaluation and diagnosis, patients can begin treating this troublesome problem early and effectively!

What is cystic acne?

Acne is a condition that can cause pustules, pimples, and blemishes that typically develop on the face. However, acne can also be on other areas of the body where skin may sweat and become easily irritated, such as the chest and back. Cystic acne is a specific type of acne that is characterized by very large pimples and pustules that may be deep and painful. This type of acne can be emotionally distressing for patients of all ages because of its appearance. It can also be very difficult to effectively cover with cosmetics, making it an embarrassment for anyone struggling with the condition.

What causes cystic acne?

It is unknown why cystic acne develops specifically for one patient versus another. This form of acne is the most severe, but affects the least amount of people. It is sometimes started up during the teenage years, when the hormone levels shift during puberty, but it can be problematic for both young and older adults. Contrary to popular belief, the condition is not caused by poor hygiene, greasy foods, or chocolate.

How can cystic acne be treated?

The providers of Dermatology Consultants of Short Hills are well-versed in assisting patients with conditions such as cystic acne. Patients are urged to visit the practice for an evaluation of the skin to decide if this condition is present. After receiving a confirmation of cystic acne, the dermatologist and patient will begin to start the process of determining the best solution. Some patients may be able to treat the acne with proper skin care products such as topical prescription creams, while others may need to seek regular light or laser treatments. What works for one patient will not always work for another, so sometimes trial and error is needed to achieve results.

Interested in discussing your cystic acne with a professional?

Patients of all ages who are dealing with cystic acne are welcome to book a consultation visit and initial evaluation with the various providers of Dermatology Consultants of Short Hills. Our skin associates can assess your condition, provide a proper diagnosis, and start helping you with the treatment of this and many other skin disorders. We are located at 636 Morris Turnpike, Suite 2H, and encourage new and existing patients to book a visit with our team by calling (973) 232-6245.

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