Understanding hyperhidrosis and treatment options

It’s perfectly normal to sweat when exercising or when in high stress situations. However, what if you’re sweating all the time—even if you’re not hot? Situations like this are of seen at Dermatology Consultants of Short Hills in Short Hills, NJ, and patients who deal with this on a daily basis are not alone. They are often evaluated and diagnosed with a condition known as hyperhidrosis, or “excessive sweating.”

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes patients to sweat more than normal in the hands, feet, or armpits. Patients who sweat in the hands may have difficulty performing everyday tasks, such as turning a screwdriver, turning a doorknob, or holding a pen correctly. Those who experience excessive sweating of the armpits may also find that they have embarrassing sweat marks minutes after putting on a shirt, regardless of their body temperature. Because this condition can impact daily activities and one’s self-esteem, it is important to get a proper diagnosis from a dermatologist to discuss proper treatment.

Treatment options for hyperhidrosis

There are many approaches a dermatologist can take for a patient with hyperhidrosis. Some of the more common treatment options for these patients may include:

  • Prescription medications such as antiperspirants
  • Prescription ointments and creams for excessive sweating
  • Antidepressants (which can help some hyperhidrosis sufferers)
  • Botox injections in the armpits to reduce or prevent sweating

Which treatment is right for me?

During an appointment with our team at Dermatology Consultants of Short Hills, patients can ask about the treatment options available and determine which one might be best for their unique situation. Our team can evaluate a patient, provide a definitive diagnosis, and the discuss appropriate solutions.

Contact Dermatology Consultants of Short Hills

Short Hills, NJ area patients who are ready to learn more about the diagnosis and treatment of hyperhidrosis are strongly encouraged to book a consultation visit with our associates by calling (973) 232-6245. The practice, located at 636 Morris Turnpike, Suite #2H, is conveniently located to assist patients in and around the Short Hills community and surrounding cities. Our practice is open to new and current patients seeking comprehensive care.

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