What are Spider Veins and how do I Treat Them in Short Hills, NJ?

If you’re bothered by spider veins, you’re far from alone. A very common condition, spider veins are often caused by problems in the circulatory system, and take their name from the characteristic web-like network of dilated blood vessels visible just below skin’s surface. Spider veins often appear on the legs, around the upper thigh, below the knee, or around the ankles. Spider veins on the face are also common. Though they don’t usually present a medical problem, spider veins can indicate the presence of varicose veins or other circulatory problems that can have more serious health consequences. Spider veins affect women four times more often than men, and are often triggered by pregnancy. Weight gain and jobs that involve standing for long periods can also be a factor in the development of spider veins.

Effective and Advanced Treatments For Spider Veins

Whether you’re concerned about them for medical or aesthetic reasons, today, a variety of simple cosmetic treatments for spider veins can eliminate this condition quickly and painlessly. Advanced, minimally invasive treatments for spider veins include laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy. Your physician can recommend the options that make the most sense for your case, based on medical history, location and size of the spider veins, and other factors. These spider vein treatments can be performed in 20 minutes or less on an outpatient basis, and require no downtime after the procedure. These procedures destroy the spider veins’ network of blood vessels, and over time the tissue is absorbed by the body, and the blemish disappears.

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