Ways patients can control acne

Acne is a condition that is often associated with teenagers going through puberty, but patients of all ages can struggle with inflamed skin and problematic pimples. At Dermatology Consultants of Short Hills in Short Hills, NJ, we routinely work with men, women, and children who are unable to control problematic cases of acne. With a proper diagnosis and effective treatment, many patients can clear their skin and improve their self-confidence quickly and easily with our providers. 

What is acne? 

Acne is oil buildup that occurs in the hair follicles of the skin, clogging the pores and creating small and localized infections and inflammation that results in the formation of pimples, nodules, and cysts. There are various types of acne, and getting a proper diagnosis is the first step in finding the most effective treatment for one’s skin. 

What treatment options are available? 

While many patients with mild cases of acne can often control their condition with routine washing of the skin and the use of over-the-counter topical products, others with more severe cases may require the assistance of a professional. In some instances, patients might require certain skin therapies and prescription-strength products to eradicate their acne and clear their skin.

Below are just a few of the more common treatments used by our team to help acne-prone patients with their concerns: 

  •         Topical medications – these are creams and facewashes that have active ingredients in them to help fight bacteria on the skin and clear acne.
  •         Oral medications – treating the condition from the inside out may be beneficial for those who struggle with controlling their acne. Oral medications may include birth control pill, antibiotics, or isotretinoin.
  •         Laser and light therapies – light-based therapies can be done regularly to improve acne and can be performed in conjunction with oral or topical medications as directed.
  •         Chemical peels – chemical peels help exfoliate the skin and stimulate skin cell turnover, refreshing the skin and clearing acne.

Are you struggling with acne? 

If you reside in the Short Hills, NJ community and are struggling with controlling your acne, working with a dermatologist is the first step towards clearer skin. At Dermatology Consultants of Short Hills, we provide a wide selection of treatments that can help you address acne and enjoy a more attractive appearance. Call our team today at (973) 232-6245 to request an appointment at 636 Morris Turnpike, Ste. #2H to discuss your needs. We accept new and existing patients into our state-of-the-art dermatological office.

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