What is the most effective treatment option for psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a condition that can cause patients to feel extremely self-conscious about how they look due to the development of scales and red, itchy skin. With the help of the providers at Dermatology Consultants of Short Hills in Short Hills, NJ, patients have access to a wide range of treatments to help them keep their condition under control and regain their self-esteem.

What is the most effective treatment option for psoriasis?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the most effective treatment option for psoriasis may vary depending on the individual. It may also change when determining the location of the condition and its severity. However, some commonly used treatments for psoriasis include:

  • Topical corticosteroids. These medications are applied directly to the skin and work to reduce inflammation.
  • Applying moisturizers can help keep the skin hydrated, which can reduce the symptoms of psoriasis.
  • Systemic corticosteroids. These are taken orally or by injection and work to decrease inflammation throughout the body.
  • Ultraviolet light therapy. This treatment involves exposing the skin to ultraviolet light, either from the sun or from artificial light sources, in order to help clear up psoriasis.
  • These medications are made from living organisms and work by targeting the immune system. They are typically taken by injection or infusion.

Ultimately, the best approach for treating psoriasis will be determined by a person’s individual circumstances and preferences. Sometimes there is a period of trial and error to find the treatment that works best for a patient, so it is vital that patients understand that time may be needed before significant improvement is seen.

Can psoriasis be cured?

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that currently has no cure. However, it can appear in cycles and flareups, so learning more about managing the condition is the best way to reduce these issues and enjoy clearer skin for longer periods of time.

How do I learn more about psoriasis?

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