What’s The Difference Between Face Wash and Skin Cleanser?

Have you ever been stuck in the beauty aisle deciding on best product to use to wash your face? While, both face washes and skin cleansers can protect your skin from unwanted grime, giving you a healthy glow, sometimes, one product will be more effective than the other. Depending on your beauty expectations and skin type you may want a product that specializes in cleansing and ridding your skin of dirt and bacteria, or you may find solace in a product, which alleviates oily or dry skin. But what exactly is the difference between face wash and skin cleanser? And which product will work best for you? The dermatologists of Short Hills Dermatology have your best interest in mind regarding your skin health.

What Is Cryotherapy?

Putting an ice pack on a wound is a simplistic form of Cryotherapy, a therapeutic method that utilizes cold to alleviate pain. While ice baths are technical another type of Cryotherapy, their [...]

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