Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted facial and body hair can cause you great anxiety. Since today’s models of beauty and sensuality include perfectly hairless bikini zones, and HD cameras capture the finest details of your face and body – showing any hairs you may have on your upper lip very clearly in those large photos you might wish to post online – and since growing out eyebrows is essential before having them professionally waxed, not to mention summertime fashions putting more of your body on display, you’re likely ready for a permanent solution to your facial and body hair issues.

You don’t want to spend so much time shaving and plucking. Depilatory creams may include chemicals that aren’t optimally healthy for your system. And using home waxing kits can be downright dangerous, with many users ripping off skin in addition to hairs. And shaving makes hair grow back more coarsely, often leaving a ‘shadow’ of hair cut off at skin level by your razor.

Seeing your dermatologist for a solution to your body hair issues can bring you great peace of mind, more self confidence in the way you look, and perhaps even enhance your dating and sex life.

A dermatologist will assess the areas where you have unwanted hair, and may suggest laser hair removal treatments that, over the course of several treatments, will make hair issues a thing of the past for you.

Laser hair removal is conducted by your trained and experienced dermatologist prepping your treatment areas with a numbing cream, or instructing you on how to apply numbing gels shortly before your appointment. Since some of your treatment areas may be sensitive spots, you may be happy to have the region numbed, to make treatments more tolerable and comfortable. The laser system will likely have a cooling device that also makes laser hair removable a more comfortable process.

Your doctor will select the appropriate strength of laser for your treatment area, and with you wearing protective goggles to safeguard your eyesight against those bright laser lights, your doctor will direct a series of concentrated beams of light directly through the skin, where they are absorbed by the melanin (dark) pigment it senses in your hair follicle shafts. The heat of the laser light then destroys the follicles, which after several treatments makes them unable to grow hair again.

Why several treatments? Hair growth cycles determine the presence of hair on your face and body. During your first treatment, your doctor will laser the hairs that are currently visible. Other hairs in the area may ‘sprout’ later and need to be laser treated. You might also have thicker or more stubborn hair and follicles that require extra laser attention.

You might decide to schedule several different laser hair removal treatments to address the different areas of your body, so that you’re not enduring laser treatments on your bikini area, underarms, face and other areas on the same day. Depending on your comfort level, you might wish to address one area at each appointment.

An important factor your doctor will consider is the color of your hairs. Darker hairs are ‘seen’ by the laser light’s attraction to the pigmentation and may be better treated than lighter hairs. Your doctor will assess your hair’s shade to determine the effectiveness of laser removal treatments, and work with you to create your ideal hair removal plan.

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