Important News About Skin Cancer and Mohs Surgery in Short Hills, NJ

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer. Cancer of the skin is also very treatable when discovered in its early stages, and it can often be prevented by taking simple steps to protect yourself.  Here are the critical facts you need to know:

  • The primary cause of skin cancer is exposure to UV radiation from the sun.
  • Over time, these rays lead to changes within skin cells that cause lesions on the skin, one of the telltale signs of skin cancer.
  • You can protect yourself from skin cancer and from wrinkling and the premature signs of aging caused by UV Rays by taking a few simple precautions.
  • Always use sunscreen and wear a hat when you will be spending time in daylight, and limit your overall exposure time to direct, bright sunlight.

Mohs Surgery For Treating Skin Cancer

Even the strongest precautions can’t guarantee total protection from skin cancer. That’s why having a periodic skin cancer screening performed by a dermatologist is essential. Dermatologists near you can identify lesions on the skin that may have begun to develop into basel cell skin cancer or squamos cell skin cancer. Mohs surgery, or Mohs micrographic surgery, is an effective treatment option for these forms of skin cancer.

In the Mohs procedure, the lesion is removed layer by layer until it is completely excised. Mohs surgery minimizes the amount of skin tissue removed. Performed with local anesthetic, this skin cancer procedure is painless. After the Mohs surgical procedure is completed, the wound is closed with very small stitches, ensuring optimum healing with minimum scarring. Find out more about skin cancer and other cosmetic healthcare in Livingston, New Jersey. Contact Dermatology Consultants in Short Hills, where Dr. Lin, Dr. Farley-Loftus, Dr Vuong and their team of board certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons specialize in screening, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. We’re here to help you look and feel your best!

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