How Much Botox Will You Need in Short Hills, NJ?

At Short Hills Dermatology in Essex Country New Jersey, we treat patients looking to receive cosmetic Botox treatments by assessing each patient’s individual case and intended aesthetic results, we can then best measure the number of units needed. The number of units will also affect the cost of Botox. After Botox, patients can expect to appear more refreshed with a softer expression. The FDA has approved forehead Botox and Botox for Crow’s Feet, however, when properly and strategically administered by a licensed medical professional, it can be applied to rectify imperfections in other areas of the face. To lessen forehead lines, we recommend amount between 10-30 units of product, and for the lines that appear on the outer corner of eyes, known as Crow’s Feet, individuals will require between 5-15 units for each side.

Amount of Botox for Off Label Cosmetic Uses In New Jersey

To lessen Frown Lines or Glabellars, which is the area between the eyes near the forehead that is popularly known for causing “1’s, 11’s, and 111’s”, we recommend injecting 10-25 units of Botox. Botox is commonly used for an Eyebrow Lift, which relaxes the brow muscle from pulling down the brow line; this requires 2-5 units of Botox. The injection amount is also influenced by how furrowed the brow is or how deep wrinkles are set. To treat Nasalis lines, or “Bunny” Lines, which can appear on horizontal lines on top of the nose, it is advised to inject 5-10 units of Botox. For a dimpled chin, commonly known as “Dumpling” or “Apple” chin, we recommend 2-6 units. For the neck area, specifically Platysmal Lines, it is recommended to lessen the “banding” appearance by injecting 25-50 units of Botox. For the lip Botox, a Smile Lift injecting in to the corners of the mouth can turn up a downward smile, or to treat a gummy smile inject the upper lip with as little as 3-6 units of Botox. To make a jaw appear more feminine, patients can receive Square Jaw or Massater injections typically using 40-60 units of Botox.

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