Laser Skin Treatments in Short Hills, NJ

Laser technology has seen such rapid advancement over the past few years that many invasive cosmetic surgeries are avoidable, and in their place lasers treatments offer patients dramatic results for a wide variety of dermatologic skin conditions. Although there are a number of different lasers that are used in the cosmetic dermatology industry, Fraxel Laser treatments are perhaps the most popular and versatile.  The Fraxel laser is adept at treating skin conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles, it can minimize age spots and other pigmentation irregularities, and it is one of the most effective laser treatments for acne and acne scars in Livingston.

Effective results and improvements are why NJ-based Board Certified dermatologists Dr. Lin, Dr. Farley-Loftus, and Dr. Vuong and their staff of cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists have used Fraxel Laser treatments on many of the patients they treat in Essex County, Morris County, and Union County in Northern New Jersey.

Fraxel Laser Skin Treatments in Short Hills, NJ

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Because a Fraxel laser combines both fractional laser and laser resurfacing technology, it can be used to treat different layers of skin.  This versatility means that an experienced dermatologist can customize Fraxel treatments according to a patient’s individual skin care needs.

How Does A Fraxel Laser Work?

The name Fraxel comes from the “fractional” component of the laser technology, which allows a doctor to treat a very specific area (or “fraction”) of the patient’s skin.  The accuracy of the Fraxel’s microscopic columns of laser light means that tissue surrounding the areas being worked on is untouched and undamaged and therefore, able to promote faster healing.

The laser resurfacing aspect of the Fraxel Laser focuses part of the light energy on the surface layer of the skin.  This stimulates the production of collagen, an important aspect of treatment, as the laser is also heating and destroying the blemishes (i.e. acne scars, crows feet, age spots, etc.)  This means that in a few days, as the outer layer of skin falls away, the collagen stimulated by the laser light, has helped  produce smoother, younger looking skin.

Where Can A Fraxel Laser Be Used?

A Fraxel laser can be used on the face and on the body. Damage caused by the sun can be healed through Fraxel laser treatments, as can actinic keratosis, which is a precancerous skin condition. The laser treatment can be used to reduce the size of pores, and to improve your skin tone. One of the most popular body parts to treat with a Fraxel laser is the neck. This is because of the laser&rsquo’s ability to improve skin tone and to reduce age spots, fine lines and wrinkles and uneven skin tones. Another place where Fraxel Laser treatment is recommended is on hands that patients want to treat for spotting and pigmentation irregularities.

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Fraxel Laser Treatment in Northern New Jersey

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