What’s The Difference Between Face Wash and Skin Cleanser?

Have you ever been stuck in the beauty aisle deciding on best product to use to wash your face? While, both face washes and skin cleansers can protect your skin from unwanted grime, giving you a healthy glow, sometimes, one product will be more effective than the other. Depending on your beauty expectations and skin type you may want a product that specializes in cleansing and ridding your skin of dirt and bacteria, or you may find solace in a product, which alleviates oily or dry skin. But what exactly is the difference between face wash and skin cleanser? And which product will work best for you? The dermatologists of Short Hills Dermatology have your best interest in mind regarding your skin health.

Benefits of Using Face Wash

Face washes are an effective, daily treatment that keeps skin fresh and removes oil. Many people use this product as a substitute for soap because it offers the skin many benefits that soap cannot. Most face washes foam up like soap, leaving a clean, refreshed feeling. Face washes work better than soap because they tend to be less heavy-handed, contain additional medicines that soap does not, and they will not dry out your skin.

Foaming face washes help clear clogged dirt and oil from your face, preventing breakouts. Similarly, the right face wash may unclog your pores, allowing skin to breathe, thus lowering the number of blemishes on your face. Furthermore, you can expect clearer skin by avoiding some of the common face-washing mistakes that many people make when using a face wash. Doing so will enable you to see and feel immediate benefits to your skin’s health and appearance.

Benefits of Using Skin Cleansers

Skin cleansers are another solution to remove dirt and oils, but work more effectively to remove makeup and other beauty products than a face wash. Some people even use skin cleansers before they put on their makeup in the morning to start the day with a smooth, clean foundation. Most cleansers are not a foam consistency like face washes.

These two products vary in their removal application, as skin cleansers do not require a thorough washing to remove them. After applying a skin cleanser, a simple wipe off with a washcloth or towel will suffice.  Unlike most soaps and body washes, cleansers do not contain skin irritants like sodium lauryl sulfate. Additionally, skin cleansers are gentler on the skin and moisturize better than face washes.

According to skin experts, skin cleanser use varies based on your lifestyle. Individuals who are frequently applying makeup or out in the elements, will want to use a skin cleanser daily to remove pollutants and other build up which accumulates on your face during the day.

Can You Use Both Face Wash and Skin Cleanser?

You can use face washes and cleansers together. If you plan on using both products, use the face wash more frequently than the cleanser to keep your skin feeling healthy, hydrated, and refreshed. If your skin feels dry, you can alter or adjust your routine or products. Individuals exposed frequently to air pollutants should consider using a cleanser first and using a face wash afterward to remove particles from the skin. You can also use a cleansing lotion at night to moisturize and hydrate your face, keeping it free of impurities.

Choosing What ‘s Best for Your Skin

Working new skin care products into your daily beauty regimen is a process. However, individuals should invest in their skin and experiment with different solutions to reveal your healthy, radiant skin. To learn which product is best or your overall skin health (face wash or skin cleaners) contact a top dermatologist near you today.

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