Managing rosacea

At Dermatology Consultants of Short Hills, NJ, our providers regularly see patients in the office who deal with chronic skin conditions such as rosacea. Rosacea can result in the development of redness that often appears on the face, specifically the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. However, patients with other types of rosacea may also deal with pus-filled pimples on the chest, back, or even the eyes. This condition can be extremely difficult to manage without the help of a medical professional. At our facility, we can provide a proper diagnosis and treatment for those who need assistance managing rosacea. 

What causes rosacea? 

Even with continued studies, doctors have been unable to find the specific cause of rosacea. Some theories suggest that rosacea has a genetic component, or that it may be linked with other serious health conditions such as cancer. Other studies suggest that it might be related to an immune system problem or an issue with the neurovascular system. Regardless, our team can assist in not only diagnosing rosacea but helping patients live with it. 

What are the early signs of rosacea? 

There may be some early indications that a patient is dealing with rosacea. These signs may include: 

  •         Flushing or blushing of the face not related to temperature changes
  •         Increased appearance of noticeable blood vessels in the face
  •         Pus-filled blisters on the face that are not caused by acne
  •         Facial redness that will not resolve on its own

Secondary symptoms may also become noticeable, including: 

  •         Facial stinging and burning
  •         Bloodshot eyes and irritation
  •         Vision loss
  •         Raised patches of skin that itch or swell
  •         Swollen nose

Once patients have been diagnosed with rosacea, they can discuss treatment options. 

How to manage rosacea 

Because rosacea is a chronic condition, it often requires daily care and management by patients. Below are a few of the treatment options that might be recommended during flare-ups or as maintenance: 

  •         Avoid certain chemicals and fragrance in skincare products
  •         Avoid dietary and environmental triggers when possible
  •         Utilizes green-tinted cosmetics to reduce the appearance of facial redness
  •         Wear sunblock every day for sun protection
  •         Utilize over-the-counter and prescription skincare products recommended by your dermatologist

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